5 Reasons why you should consider a professional photoshoot as a Birthday or Christmas present.

Ideas for all the family, from pregnancy to newborns, various childrens ideas and more for the family and adults

1. Who is the least photographed person in your family?

It’s probably the family nominated photographer themselves. The person that takes all the pictures at the family party or gathering is normally the one that’s missing.

Investing in a family portrait may not seem like a priority at the moment but time change rapidly and children can fly the nest making it hard sometimes to capture a time when everyone is together.

A typical family photoshoot can also be split into a series of combinations and individual images and can also make idea presents in themselves.

Having a professional photographer capture your images in a studio willnot only give you that moment, its guaranteed that you (or the family photographer) will be in be in the picture too.

children's portrait photographer

2. Children grow up so fast so your chance of getting a classic portrait is on a time fuse.

Nobody can turn back time but you can capture it in a classy portrait.

There is nothing worse than having to search back on an iPhone looking for the priceless memories only to discover they have gone and dissapeared forever. Maybe worse, they might actually, not be very flattering?

Childrens fine art photography can be specialised but the results will be more heartwarming than you could ever imagine and will give you something that you will be proud to look back on in years to come.

3. Childrens photography can be fun!

Planning your photoshoot can be a joint venture.Picking the cloths and maybe an event afterwards can make this something special in the eyes of a child, even if its just a trip to a shop, something to eat or onwards to the zoo or a party!

There are many great ideas for photoshoots for younger children on this website that will capture the childhood innocence that is so precious.

There is much fun to be had for children and grandchildren dressing and being photographed as a Dinasaur Hunter, a Wizardly Wizard, an exciting Superhero or a beautiful Princess aound the castles and unicorns.

Its amazing what special effects allow us to do these days and it doesnt cost the earth.

4. Your never too old!

Family portraits are not just for young families. Having some splended photographic portraits of mixed generations is an amazing idea.

Its suprising how many couples in the over 60s bracket that resist a photoshoot only to be astonished at the results.

I also have access to some amazing make-up artists if you want to go all the way.

5. Newborn photoshoot gift vouchers are a great idea.

Every mother knows that the journey through pregnancy is stressfull enough. Planning a newborn photo is usually way down the priority list any may not even be on it at all.

Buying a gift voucher for them will take some of the stress out of the organising. There are various gifts available in various amounts to suit all.