How to download images off Pixiset

Once you have chosen and paid for your images you will be given a download PIN code. When you are ready you need to click the download icon on your own gallery page. The 3 icons above appear on the right of your main page just under the header picture. The download icon is a […]

A complete guide to Newborn Photoshoots for parents

All you need to know from start to finish, from when to book your photoshoot to collecting your beautiful images, and all the bits in between including what to wear and when to feed the baby. When to book your Newborn photoshoot. You should consider booking your newborn photography session at Atherton Photo Studio after […]

A Different But Class Birthday Present

children's portrait photographer

5 Reasons why you should consider a professional photoshoot as a Birthday or Christmas present. Ideas for all the family, from pregnancy to newborns, various childrens ideas and more for the family and adults 1. Who is the least photographed person in your family? It’s probably the family nominated photographer themselves. The person that takes […]

Princess Superhero Photoshoot

One of the most unusual and best surprise presents for young children aged between 2 and 7 is a Princess or Superhero photoshoot. Firstly, they have an amazing time. A chance to dress up, a chance to live a dream and most importantly, a treasured memory. For the girls, they have a choice of some […]

Choose your newborn photography style

The internet is amassed with professional baby photographers in every town, each with their own particular style. Though newborn photography is a straightforward process, the multitude of different styles can make it difficult to choose between photographers. For that reason, it is helpful to have a good look through the portfolios presented to you. In […]

New Headshot Website

All steve Lowrey headshot information has now found a new home on All the headshot information and booking forms are now on our new website. The location of Atherton Photo Studio at Bag Lage Enterprise Center is still the same.

Headshots Manchester

male actor model headshot

Let us make life simple, a quick link to find our website! make a note of: One name to bind them all… OK, it’s hardly Lord of the Rings standard but having a couple of strong brand names and several topics all on the website can be confusing when you want to quickly recall […]

Why do I need a professional headshot?

Business headshot for professionals

A picture paints a thousand words…  It’s true! People will see your image and start making judgements and creating impressions of you long before they speak to you! Here are a few reasons why you need a professional headshot or portrait. Have you ever heard the term ‘Never Judge A Book By Its Cover? How […]