Makeover Photoshoots Manchester

I will capture the best version of you

A makeover and photoshoot are for everyone.
Have the best Makeover experience Manchester can offer!

My makeover photoshoot package is easy to understand, straightforward and affordable. No hidden catches or surprise fees at the end.

They are suitable for mother and daughter, aspiring models, and experienced models too. Everyone gets the same treatment from my professional makeup artist and posing coaching in front of the camera. You don’t have to be an expert to get stunning results.

Many people don’t like their picture being taken and I have a very patient and calm way of coaching you gently to get you the magic image.

Its fun and informal and your fears will disappear.

Don't be nervous it really is fun

makeover Photoshoots beauty Headshots

Get that portrait image you have always wanted!

Treat yourself to the Image you always wanted, the best makeover, and photoshoot at the best prices with no hidden cost! Yes! No hidden costs!

Stylish Makeover and Photoshoots

We make these model sessions all about you.

We want to provide you with a selection of photographs that you will treasure forever, and if these are for professional purposes we aim to help you attract more work and make more money.

We swap ideas pre-session and deside on style and backdrops to get the perfect look.

We have lots of guide notes and illustrations to help if you are a novice and helpful suggestions for the more experienced.

Your private dressing room is kitted out with a large make-up table, lots of mirrors, clothes rail and plenty of tea, coffee and cool water.

We allow plenty of time and your first hour will be with my expert make up artiste.  We will have a quick run through all of your ideas so nothing is missed.



Professional Makeovers for professionals

These shoots are specifically designed for everyone!

Everyone receives the same super high standard of attention to detail.

You may feel you have no idea what to do, thats fine, we will guide you everystep.

You maybe an aspiring model of a professional or semi-professional nature, thats excellent, we will produce stunning work for your portfolio, suitable for:

  • Modeling Agency
  • Spotlight, & similar
  • Social Media
  • Your own website
  • Potential employers

I can cater for all styles of fashion portraits, headshot and full body images in our comfortable professional studio in Atherton.


Are your photoshoot makeover packages near me?

We are very accessible by car and train.

The studio has free parking and is situated in North Manchester not too far from Bolton, Warrington and Wigan. Postcode M46 OJN

Just 5 minutes from junction 5 on the M61.

Full directions to our studio can be found by clicking here.

There is a local railway link and I have had many clients from Liverpool, Cumbria, West Yorkshire and Cheshire.

Professional photo shoot Manchester

Frequently Asked Makeover Questions

Why do I need a professional makeup artist

I have taken many photographs over many years. There is always a big difference between a professionally made up face and one done by the model themselves or by one of their friends.  A professional make up artiste will apply the correct amount of makeup that looks perfect in camera. She will apply the right tones and the right contours to get the very best from your face.

I am not a model, can I have my pictures taken?

These makeover photoshoots are for everyone.

From teenagers, mothers and daughters and anyone else that wants an amazing image. Everyone is welcome.

Its an ideal way to start a portfolio if you are thinking of heading into modeling or the beauty industry but its not a prerequisite.

I will guide you every step of the way, I can show you images and suggest some poses and we will take our time getting the lighting right to capture the images you have always wanted. We won’t be in a rush, I believe in quality over quantity everytime.

Can I go to any photographer for my makeover?

It is important that you choose a photographer that specialises in headshots and can bring the best out of you.

Our professional and friendly approach has worked for many years and we will help you every step of the way. No-one is an expert in having a headshot taken, we know this.

We have the technique, we also have high-quality equipment and lighting to produce nothing but the best quality images.

I don't have a clue what I need to do!

You are the same as everyone else and I am here to help so don’t worry.

Simply fill in our online booking form at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you by phone or email and you can ask me any questions you have.

Only when you are happy I will book you in and ask you for a deposit.

Your invoice and booking confirmation will be emailed to you.

What do I need to do before my makeover session?

I have put together a helpful document called  ‘A Vital Read’ exclusive to my clients only. This will guide you in you preperation. This will be sent to you a few days before the photoshoot once your deposit has been paid.

This is an ideal time for you to email or phone me with any questions you may still have.

What happens during a makeover photoshoot session?

We usually start with a cup of tea or coffee and of course, a little chat.

Your makeup artist will attend to you for the first hour or so, so it is important that you arrive in something comfortable to wear.

I want to get a feel for your needs and preferences. How they will be using the photos?

We can discuss backdrops and what colours you are going to be wearing.

During the photoshoot session I will walk you through every step of the way. You have nothing to worry about, I will try to make this an enjoyable experience.

I will show you how to stand, the best posture for you and a few tips and tricks to get the best results.

I will mix up different types of lighting, backdrops, standing and seated shots.

I have put as much information as possible on my session and fee guide, you can get there by clicking here.

It mainly explains the headshot proceedure however the main principals apply to makeovers.

Do you do outdoor makeover photoshoots?

In short, no, or not unless I have too, due to Covid reasons.

The best results are in the studio where I control the lighting. In addition, because of the great British weather, its no coincidence that 99% of my professional men and womens photoshoots are done in my comfortable studio.

When do I get to see my images?

I use tethered shooting which means the camera is connected to a screen so you can view some of the images as we go along. This will increase your confidence and hopefully your excitement about the results. You will also be able to tell what looks best and what’s not working for you, so I can make adjustments.

You choose your images straight after the photoshoot, how cool is that!

After the photoshoot, we will go through the images together. We will take our time and with my expert help, you will pick only the images you want. For more details on this process, click here

How long before I receive my finished images?

Once you have chosen your images I will process them for you. This means removing any spots and blemishes, fly away hairs and anything else we agree on. I balance the colours and lighting but maintain your natural look so no-one would ever know thay have been professionally re-touched. Depending on my workload they are usually presented to you within 7 days (but usually no longer that 14 days) Holiday times can lead to delays however you will be informed of that upon booking.

How much does a Makeover Photoshoot cost?

Different studios will have different rates. As my studio is away from the city centre my running costs are low and my fees are very competitive. You can see my fee guide by clicking here.

BUYER BEWARE – There are some companies offering unbelievable low rates for their photoshoots.  I have known people go for this type of sales ploy. Its only later that they find out they can only obtain their images in expensive packages, some people I know take out loans to pay for their collections. Don’t do it! (Some of these are big well known names too)

I don’t work like that, my pricing is plain and simple and very fair. I treat people how I like to be treated.

Getting the best image

The most important part of your headshot are your eyes. Be fresh, and I will make you shine.

If your hair is one of your important features, let me know and I can make sure it is lit properly to show it off for you.

Repeat sessions and recommendations are our guarantees to you that our courteous and professional service will give you the end product that you seek, a door opening headshot.

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