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Every girl wants to be a Princess

Princess and Unicorn photoshoot

Stunning Images - Priceless Memories

Every little girl wants to be a Princess and those magical years will disappear before you know it.

My special Princess photoshoots are designed for young girls aged around 1 and  7.

I have a mixture of magical backdrops and a range of dresses available. You are more than welcome to bring your own Princess dresses and this is encouraged.

A selection of the beautiful dresses we have available at our studio will be listed below. 

Its so much fun, don't miss out

So when can you book a Princess photoshoot experience?

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Let your imagination go wild!

We have wonderful backdrops in the studio that will give your princess a real feel of a professional photoshoot and a feeling that something special is going on.

Some are printed castles, some are beautiful pastel colours.

I also have my very own flower wall which is very popular although some of our little princesses will need to stand on a box.

I also take some images on a blank background so I can add some magic back at my cave.

After all, I didn’t go to Hogwarts for nothing, and that of course is where my Unicorns live.

The combined results will present you with a jaw-dropping and amazing set of images that bring a tear to your eye.

You can bring your own favorite dresses if you have a special Disney or Frozen dress or anything else you love.

The Princess photoshoots are designed for one or 2 princesses at a time and I take individual pictures and pairs.

These are ideal any time of the year you just want to capture the early years.

They are also ideal presents or treats for birthdays, Xmas or as a reward for great school results or other good deeds.

Gift vouchers are available.

Every girl wants to be a Princess

Make those dreams come true!

princess photoshoot ideas

Princess photo Gallery

Superhero photo session for the boys?

If your Princess has a brother that would like to be part of the photo session that’s fine, however, I only have a limited number of costumes for the boys at the moment, it’s something I am working on. You are welcome to bring your own costume.

Knights or prince charming make a great companion for a Princess.

I will be introducing Superheroes for boys and cosplay photoshoots for adults soon so get in touch if that’s what you want to do.

My Princess Costumes

Click here to see the selection of Princess dresses we have available for free hire with our photoshoots

Capture the magic! ~ Before it's gone...

Fairytales can come true!

Taking pictures against a blank screen I can magically make unicorns appear in fields of flowers and many other special effects.

Unicorn dresses and images

unicorn princess photoshoot

When can you book a Princess Themed Photoshoot & how much is it?

For just a £45.00 sitting fee, your little Princess can come to our Atherton Studio and have some professional photographs done and you get to pick your favourite images.

It’s too good to miss!

  • Go you our events page to see the list of up and coming Princess Photoshoots

Places are limited to so many a day, so please book in advance.
Longer sessions are available, please ask when making your booking.

Can you afford not too?

The look on their angelic faces when your princess is all dressed up and in front of the camera is worth all the money in the world.

A full fee sheet is available by email on request that covers all the extra options. Simply complete the enquiry form below and request a fees sheet in the box below.

Princess Themed Photoshoot Gift Vouchers are available

An ideal gift for Birthdays, Christmas or special treats. A themed photoshoot gift voucher is the ideal present for the over 4’s age group.

Please complete the form below and I will reply with details. The voucher is a nicely printed certificate with the name of your choice on it.

Interest-free credit is available

My prices are low but reflect the many hours of work in the editing suite. 

For every hour spent taking the images, we can spend around 3 hours editing.

I can offer 3 months’ interest-free credit on all sales if required.

It is important that you request an email with the package prices before you book. This information will be available on the website asap.

So when can you book a Princess photoshoot experience?

Click here to check our special event date calendar  

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