One of the most unusual and best surprise presents for young children aged between 2 and 7 is a Princess or Superhero photoshoot. Firstly, they have an amazing time. A chance to dress up, a chance to live a dream and most importantly, a treasured memory.

For the girls, they have a choice of some of the beautiful dresses we have in stock (or you can bring your own).

They will be treated like a princess, posing in front of some incredible backdrops, using some of our props. Once the photo shoot is over, the photos are sent to our special effects studio where more magic happens, we can take them to a field of dreams or meet our very own unicorn.

The boys too have a selection of super hero outfits, although, you are also welcome to bring your own.

The boys will have their pictures taken in some all-action poses in the costume of their choice. Then, when their shoot is over we will send these over to the special effects studio too, where we can add smoke and flames with different backdrops to make the scene as exciting as possible.

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