Baby Photoshoots Manchester

Baby photoshoots are available throughout their first year.

You can mark the sitting up period, usually around 6 months, with some professional baby photos in carefully chosen backdrops and outfits.

6 month old baby sit up photoshoot Atherton Photography studio Manchester

Making memories

It’s a wonderful time for a baby photoshoot once your baby is sitting confidently.

There are so many beautiful pictures you can capture to decorate your wall, desktop or phone.

Building your memory box with professional images will give you endless fun in years to come and something that the family can all look back on.

With the greatest will in the world, this just cannot be done with mobile phone images.

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Mother & Baby photoshoots

Mummy and Me can be part of your baby photoshoot. It is very popular and the results can be amazing.

The photoshoot can be themed or you can just wear similar colours.

There is no better fathers day present and your little baby will love you all the more when they are not babies anymore.

As an optional extra we can supply a make-up artist for mums if required.

Mother & Baby Gallery

Fine Art / Vintage looks can be applied to any image.

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