Newborn Photoshoots – A complete guide for parents

Newborn Photoshoots guide to almost everything!

Newborn Photoshoots, all you need to know from start to finish, from when to book your photoshoot to collecting your beautiful images, and all the bits in between including what to wear and when to feed the baby.

When to book your Newborn photoshoot.

You should consider booking your newborn photography session at Atherton Photo Studio after your second scan at around 20 weeks. It’s not too important when it’s just another job to cross off your ever-growing list.

Most photographers will ask you for a deposit and your due date but they will be nice and flexible as we all know babies come when they are ready, some early and some later.

It’s always a good idea to mention to your close family and friends that you intend to have a newborn photoshoot as these make great presents and you may have someone close that wants to contribute by way of a present for you and your baby. You should make this known before a baby shower or gender reveal just in case someone decides to surprise you with a similar present.

It’s important that the photographer not only has your contact number but that of your partner, (alt. Mother or best friend) so lines of contact can be kept open.

Atherton Photography Studio is fully kitted out for Newborn Photoshoots

Confirming the birth with your photographer.

When your baby is born you will be delighted and exhausted. There may well be lots of excitement amongst your family and friends and you will be busy getting to know your new baby, sorting out feeds, clothes and nappies.

It’s not unusual to delegate the job of texting the photographer, just to let them know about the happy arrival. Then after a day or so you can give them a call to arrange a mutually convenient date for the photo shoot.

REMEMBER The earlier the newborn photoshoot, the better.  Many words have been written about the baby being photographed within the first 14 days, which is fine, however, my preference is around days 5 to 7. The main thing is, not to leave it or overlook booking the date in quickly.

Having said that, don’t worry if for some reason those 14 days elapse for reasons beyond your control, it’s only a preference and we will get beautiful images no matter when.

Once the day arrives.

There will be quite a few things going on during the photoshoot and its always my intention that the parents should relax and enjoy the experience.

There are a couple of things that you can do before the photoshoot if you can.

  1. Keep baby awake for a couple of hours before the session. Give them a bath, play with some toys, let them lay naked for a while and also try them on their belly.
  2. Give baby a feed. If you live within 15 minutes or so, then please give them a feed before you set off, otherwise you can arrive at the studio 10 minutes early and give them a feed here. I have a private room available for parents if required.
For baby comfort, the room will be warm, very warm!

Parents, please be aware!

Parents need to know that the studio will be warm, very warm. We usually heat the room to around 25oC and maintain that for most of the day. My priority is the baby and we will need to maintain this type of temperature to keep them comfortable whilst changing and in certain poses.

With that in mind, it is wise for parents not to dress for winter. Shorts are acceptable and parents can bring a change of clothes too if they want to however casual T-shirts usually suffice.

What parents should bring to a newborn photo shoot.

You should bring everything with you that you would normally take on a day out with the baby and a few extra things too. I’ll just put them in a simple list format as I intend this list only as an aid to you not forget what you already know.

  1. Extra Milk. If you’re on the bottle, bring one or two more than you would usually take. If you are breast feeding you may want to express or feed au natural, either of which is fine. Its highly likely that baby will feed a little more than normal, often they are simply thirsty due to the extra warm room.
  2. Clothes and nappies. Something loose and easy to slip in and out of like a baby grow will be helpful. I will take a variety of pictures, some with and without a nappy so spare clean disposables are useful. Also bring any creams, lotions and wipes.
  3. Something to wear. Parents should bring a change of clothes for pictures too. You may not feel like it before hand but once the relaxed session is underway its an ideal time to capture that special family moment and you wouldn’t want to spoil it. Neutral colours are always a hit and if in doubt a black or white top is an easy choice. Remember these images will be cherished for years to come so get smart! Its also worth mentioning that we can provide a make-up artist for mum if requested, for the full pamper treatment.
  4. A dummy or pacifier. At the risk of being told you are not going to use one, having one just for 2 minutes here and there during a photo session is a must. Even if you never use one again, having a dummy handy during a photoshoot can literally save hours and settle baby quickly.

The parent’s room at Atherton Photo Studio has comfortable seating, lots of mirrors, a makeup table and a small fridge, not to overlook the most important kettle. There is free tea, coffee and bottled water available.

Newborn photoshoots usually last between 2 or 3 hours (sometimes a little longer) so if you wish to bring a snack, please do so.

Think about colours before the photoshoot, a few weeks notice is wonderful but we can work with 24 notice too

Preparation is the key to a successful newborn photoshoot

One thing to consider before the photoshoot is the décor colour and potential decor of your house or office where you may wish to display your beautiful baby pictures. If you can let your photographer know in advance, we can prepare garments and backdrops in certain colours such as pinks and greys which are quite popular at the time of writing.

Obviously, if you have a colour preference you should always let the photographer know, giving as much notice as possible. Photography studios will be well-stocked with many colours but there is always one that may be missing and most studios will be happy to add extra colours to their stock at no extra cost to the client.

It is also important that parents complete the short questionnaire that I send out before the photo session.

If you have been looking through baby photographs and have seen something special, it’s quite helpful if you either send or bring a screenshot with you if you’re looking at something similar.

When you arrive at the studio.

There is free parking outside the studio so when you arrive it’s best to give me a quick call so I can open up for you, especially if it’s raining.

I have a flexible workflow regarding the session which can be varied to accommodate siblings, maybe one parent can’t stop, and, with prior notice, I can accommodate pets.

Hopefully baby will be fast asleep. I will run through images for digital backdrops, images with props, on the baby bed and with the parents plus any requests you may have.

We will usually have a break for the baby to have a drink and move on at the mother and baby’s pace.

After the session.

Usually, within 10 – 14 days I will be in touch with you to show you your beautiful newborn portraits.

I am happy to show you the displays on the monitors at the studio, however, since Covid 19 it has been more usual for parents to view their images via my online gallery. I will send you a link when everything is ready.

You can share this link with other members of your family who may also wish to purchase a beautiful picture of your baby’s first days.

Prints & Canvas Packages available

We try to keep things as simple as possible as not everyone wants the same thing. My packages separate images into different categories so you have the choice of picking the ones that you want.

I have split them as follows:

Digital Images

Small Prints

Larger prints

Canvas Prints

Other wall art.

You can choose one or a combination, either way, I feel this puts you in charge.

Digital images are usually made available to you within 24 hours of payment and prints should be ready to pick up from the studio within 7 to 14 days.

My aim is to provide to with a pleasant Newborn Photoshoot experience with amazing and beautiful images to show your family and friends. After all, personal recommendation is the best form of advertising and my business has grown from it.

You may find more information available on our webpage at Steve Lowrey Photography