Actors Headshots Manchester

You are looking to impress casting directors, producers and acting agents. The importance of a high quality professional headshot photography cannot be over-stated.

You need a picture that states who you are in one glance. We can help!

We are in easy reach of Manchester, Bolton and Wigan as we are just off J5 on the M61.
We also cater for Child Actor Headshots.

Stand out from the crowd


My Aim:

To provide you with a selection of top quality professional headshots that will give you confidence, that will help you get your foot in the door, to get you in front of the casting director, to give your agent something to represent you.

Headshots open doors, create an expectation, tell a story. If you don’t have a headshot, an image, then you may be missing out on work and opportunities. You may never get the break you feel you deserve, no matter how good you are.

During our headshot session, I aim to help you, capture the emotion, set the mood and have some fun along the way.  Your headshot photo needs to look like you, maybe several versions of you, the acting you, and the true self.

I will take lots of shots, more than enough. We check them as we go along, together, to make sure you are happy.


Whether your a complete beginner or have some years of experience, we will help you achieve great results with your images.

Once you have booked your headshot session in, we will send you one of our information sheets packed full of helpful advice and tips on how to prepare for your photoshoot.

This covers many things from choice of clothing, grooming, make-up and what happens during and after your photo-session.

You can also speak to me, your professional photographer, a couple of days before your appointment if you have any last minute questions or just to calm any nerves you may have, its good to talk and we are happy to help in any way.


Due to the wonderful British Weather its no surprise that 99% of our headshot photoshoots are indoor. Although natural light can give some outstanding results, you are at the mercy of the sun, clouds and other elements.

Atherton Photo Studio is a professional compact studio with all modern lighting and only the highest quality Canon photography equipment.

I have access to some wonderful natural backdrops in the grounds of my studio to the rear of the building, including a mixture of different coloured brick walls and greenery.

I use a mixture of flash and constant lighting in the studio with a variety of different coloured backdrops in addition to the popular back and white, the prefered choice of many casting agents.

In need of some guidance?

I will help you every step of the way and there is much more information about my photoshoot sessions on my pricing page.

Remember my session times are not strictly limited in time, I don’t book hourly so you won’t be rushed and we will pick your images at the end of your session so you won’t be waiting days for an upload of hundreds of similar images nor will you be left alone to choose the best ones.

There are many photographers in Manchester. All I can say is look at my Google reviews and testimonials, and the images of course.  I make the headshot session an experience.


Very few people know how to pose for headshots, its not something you will do everyday.

I will lead you every step of the way, step by step, explaining the best body posture and position, the best head position for you (because we are not all the same) and how to get the best expressions with your eyes and mouth.

Within an hour you will be an expert!

Our sessions are private and you can relax and enjoy the experience. I try my best to create a warm and friendly atmosphere and all my feedback has been positive pointing to a fun but professional photo-session.

Professional Headshots Near Me?

We are based in Atherton M46 0JN – just off the M61, easy access from anywhere in the North West, for more details Click Here

If you have anymore questions or wish to make a booking enquiry, just complete the form below and we will get back to you asap.

Headshots or Portrait Photoshoot?

Whats the difference between headshots and portraits?

Simply put, headshots are from the shoulders or chest upwards and portraits cover the whole body head to toe. Portraits can use many more props such as chairs, sofas and even the floor. Costumes will be much more important on a portrait shoot. 


  • Specialist professional headshot photographer
  • I cater for all ages.
  • Its a relaxed atmosphere.
  • We have private changing facilities
  • Free car paring
  • Free pick up and drop off at local railway station.
  • Free tea, coffee and bottled mineral water.
  • Pictures are ready for you to ‘pick’ at the end of your session.
  • When you have chosen we professionally edit each image
  • Your finished images are displayed in our online gallery
  • You can download your hi-res images  many times
  • You can share your links
  • You can also download social media size images.
  • No contact sheets – no waiting
  • Fast return on retouched and edited images.


All our actors headshots are suitable for:

  • Casting Directors
  • Acting Agencies
  • Spotlight
  • Mandy Actors
  • StarNow
  • Social Media


Most of all, great headshots.


Child Actor Headshots & Gallery

We can get some amazing images for you if you need child actors headshots for our next superstar of the cinema or theatre.

Age isn’t the main consideration, as long as the parent believes that the child protege is able to sit calmly in front of the camera and follow simple instructions, its a piece of cake!

Anyone 17 and under has to be accompanied by a parent.

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