Background Replacements on Publicity Photographs

What is a digital background replacement?

Below I am going to show you some images of a 4 piece band shot in a small studio with white walls.

This is a before and after post to show you how I can enhance simple backgrounds to make them more interesting, more authentic and to make you stand out.

These images could have easily been photographed infront of a backdrop or on a stage but none of them were.

Below are a selection of the before and after images, just to show you what a big difference a background replacement can be.

Digital background replacements are not done on all my images and sometimes the original background is better.

The images below were taken in the full knowledge that the backgrounds were going to be replaced, so no real care was taken to move sreens and hide plug sockets.

In most cases I will replace 50% of your background images absolutely free!

Before and after replacements and editing.

Click image to enlarge.