Looking for a photographer with a DBS certificate?

Why Booking a Photographer with a DBS Certificate Matters In the world of photography, capturing memorable moments is a vital part of our craft. I, Steve Lowrey Photography, understand the significance of creating a comfortable and secure environment for our clients. This is why we believe that booking a photographer with a Disclosure and Barring […]

Gift Voucher: 5 Reasons why a Professional Photoshoot is a perfect present.

professional family photoshoot Manchester Wigan Leigh

When searching for the perfect gift, consider giving the gift of lasting memories with a professional photoshoot gift voucher. It’s a versatile and thoughtful present that allows your loved ones to create cherished moments and capture them forever. In this post, we’ll explore five compelling reasons why you should consider a gift voucher for a […]

Capturing Memories: Why Investing in a Professional Family Portrait is Worthwhile

In an era dominated by selfies and smartphone snapshots, the significance of professional family portraits is often overlooked. However, investing in a skilled photographer can yield remarkable benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. Discover why a professional family portrait is a valuable investment for creating cherished memories and strengthening the bond among family members. Investing […]

Capturing the Memories: Prom Night and Graduation Photoshoots

Prom night and Graduation Photoshoots at Our Studio or On-Site at Your Location As prom night and graduation season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to capture these special moments. Whether you’re a high school senior looking to commemorate your achievements or a parent wanting to preserve the memories of your child’s special […]

Top Tips to get the best from your Christmas Photoshoot

Hopefully, you have booked your Christmas Photoshoot with me at Atherton Photography Studio on Bag Lane. If you live near me, you will know where we are. If not, click here So how do you get the best results from a Christmas photoshoot? If you remember the 5 P rule from school or any business […]