Looking for a photographer with a DBS certificate?

Why Booking a Photographer with a DBS Certificate Matters In the world of photography, capturing memorable moments is a vital part of our craft. I, Steve Lowrey Photography, understand the significance of creating a comfortable and secure environment for our clients. This is why we believe that booking a photographer with a Disclosure and Barring […]

Gift Voucher: 5 Reasons why a Professional Photoshoot is a perfect present.

professional family photoshoot Manchester Wigan Leigh

When searching for the perfect gift, consider giving the gift of lasting memories with a professional photoshoot gift voucher. It’s a versatile and thoughtful present that allows your loved ones to create cherished moments and capture them forever. In this post, we’ll explore five compelling reasons why you should consider a gift voucher for a […]

Newborn Photoshoots – A complete guide for parents

Newborn Photoshoots, all you need to know from start to finish, from when to book your photoshoot to collecting your beautiful images, and all the bits in between including what to wear and when to feed the baby. When to book your Newborn photoshoot. You should consider booking your newborn photography session at Atherton Photo […]

Newborn Photoshoot: Everything you Need to Know About Choosing a Photographer

newborn baby in a tiny bed photo

If you are like most parents, you will want to commemorate the arrival of your newborn baby with a professional photoshoot. This is a wonderful way to capture your child’s earliest moments and create memories that will last a lifetime. But with so many photographers out there, how do you know which one to choose? […]

Newborn Photography – Choose your style

The internet is amassed with professional baby photographers in every town, each with their own particular style. Though newborn photography is a straightforward process, the multitude of different styles can make it difficult to choose between photographers. For that reason, it is helpful to have a good look through the portfolios presented to you. In […]