Cosplay photoshoots are available at a Professional Photography Studio in Manchester

Special effects and cosplay is a fantastic combination.

Attention all cosplayers! Are you tired of settling for mediocre photos taken at comic cons and other events? Are you looking for a way to showcase your incredible cosplay creations in a professional and creative way? Look no further than a cosplay photoshoot at Atherton Photography Studio with photographer Steve Lowrey!

Cosplay outfits and special effects are an explosive combination.

As a cosplay photographer myself, I understand the passion and dedication that goes into creating a cosplay costume. You’ve put in countless hours of work, sweat, and tears to bring your favourite character to life, and you deserve to have your hard work captured in stunning photographs.

Why settle for mediocre images taken at crowded and often poorly lit events when you can have a professional photoshoot with Steve at Atherton Photography Studio? Our studio offers a wide range of backdrops and lighting options to perfectly capture your cosplay character in all its glory.

The Benefits of a Studio Cosplay Photoshoot

A cosplay photoshoot at Atherton Photography Studio offers a number of benefits over getting photos taken at events. First and foremost, you’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Steve, who has years of experience in portrait, fashion, and editorial photography. He’ll work closely with you to bring your cosplay character to life in a way that suits your individual style and vision.

You’ll also have complete control over the photo shoot, from the location to the lighting to the poses. This means that you can create a personalised photoshoot that perfectly captures your cosplay character and showcases your creativity and hard work.

choosing the right angles to shoot from adds a special dimension

Professional Hair and Makeup Services

To ensure that you look and feel your best on the day of the shoot, we offer professional hair and makeup services. Our team of experienced stylists will work with you to create a look that perfectly complements your cosplay character and brings out your best features.

Group Photoshoots

Cosplay is often a social activity, and many cosplayers enjoy attending events and conventions with friends who share their passion. At Atherton Photography Studio, we offer group photoshoots that are perfect for capturing your cosplay group in all its glory. Whether you’re part of a cosplay club or just a group of friends who love to cosplay, we can create a customised photoshoot that perfectly captures your group dynamic and showcases your individual cosplays.

Every effort is made to match the special effects to the cosplay character.

Special Effects and Digital Backdrops

When you book a cosplay photoshoot with Steve Lowrey aka Cosplay_tog on Instagram, your chosen pictures will be edited, backgrounds can be changed and special effects added to bring your character to life.

Lots of time for multiple costumes.

Depending on your chosen package, you may have time for a few costume changes and cram in as much fun as possible into your allotted spot.

Book Your Cosplay Photoshoot Today!

If you’re ready to take your cosplay to the next level and showcase your hard work and creativity in stunning photographs, book your cosplay photoshoot with Steve Lowrey at Atherton Photography Studio today. We offer a range of packages and options to suit your individual needs and budget, so you can create the perfect photoshoot that perfectly captures your cosplay character. Don’t settle for mediocre photos taken at events – invest in a professional cosplay photoshoot and showcase your cosplays in the best possible way!

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