Dancers Headshots & Portfolio Photographer

Dancers headshots to get you noticed & portfolio images are rather specialist. Having spent years photographing entertainers and dancers I am more than qualified to put you an exceptional portfolio together.

I have been delivering high quality images for the entertainment sector for years.

Dancer headshots need to make you stand out in a busy market where many people are chasing the same job.

I have an excellent studio with private dressing room and make-up facilities. Excellent for headshots. I can also use the studio for portfolio shots or we can hire a bigger studio or meet you on set if you want specialist shots such as ariel, pole of fire.

Everyone’s requirements are so different, planning and discussing is key. Let me know what you’re thinking and together we can make a plan.

My dancer headshot and portrait images are suitable for:

  • Dance Agency
  • Spotlight & similar
  • Social Media
  • Your own website
  • Potential employers

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