When your little one wants to meet a Dinosaur or Dragon?

We hold Dinosaur Photoshoots like Jurassic Park with a few Dragons too!

Special effects photoshoots that drive the imagination - Atherton Photo Studio - Manchester

Help us find the Dinosaurs egg!

There is no getting away from the popularity of small children and their fascination with Dinosaurs and the Jurassic Park age, its a different world.

Our studio is kitted out with clothes and props and similar technology to green screen that will transform your hero back in time.

Ride a T.Rex, feed a Pterodactyl, read a map and find the Dinosaurs lost egg!

Its so much fun, don't miss out.

Ideal for boys and girls

Dinosaur / Jursassic / Dragon photoshoot Gallery

The best children's portrait photoshoots with a twist.

The Dinosaur photoshoots are available for boys and girls ideally above 4 years of age. We have lots of children’s portrait ideas and they could be combined if you have the time. Toddlers can be catered for on request.

For this photoshoot, we provide Kids’ hunter costumes but are free to bring your own. You must bring appropriate footwear and anything else you think will enhance the experience.

This is a game of results that depends on the child following simple directions for some easy posing. All the hard work is then done at the editing studio where we turn the images into realistic photographs and even a story.

It’s your chance to be the best parent, auntie, uncle or grandparent. A memorable set of digital images at an affordable price will be a treasured memory throughout their childhood and beyond. Wait till they tell their own children about the day they met a T.Rex and rode a Triceratops!

Themed Photoshoot Gift Vouchers are available

An ideal gift for Dino Birthdays, Christmas or special treats. A themed photoshoot gift voucher is the ideal present for the over 4’s age group.

Please complete the form below and I will reply with details. The voucher is a nicely printed certificate with the name of your choice on it.

Interest-free credit is available

My prices are low but reflect the many hours of work in the editing suite. 

For every hour spent taking the images, we can spend around 3 hours editing.

I can offer 3 months’ interest-free credit on all sales if required.

It is important that you request an email with the package prices before you book. This information will be available on the website asap.

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