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Good Event Photos Don’t Just Happen - I Capture Magical Moments at Your Event

Event Photography – Capturing the perfect moment at an event is more challenging than it looks. Often, those spontaneous, unforgettable instances slip by unnoticed. That’s where I come in. At Steve Lowrey Photography, I have a knack for spotting and capturing these moments, ensuring your event’s memories are beautifully preserved. 

Corporate event and team photograph outside in Liverpool
Networking event in Wigan
Company opening day event photographer small business
South Manchester company event photographed for the staff magazine
Showman event photographer for hotel publicity in Blackpool
Leigh Leopards Rugby Stadium Photographer
Cricket event in Manchester
Arena queue for live music event
Sean Paul Live Music Event
No venue is too big or to small for music event photography
Live dancers Manchester
Sean Paul Leeds Arena Music Event photography
Gender reveal party Bolton
Family and friends gather for a party
Need a photographer for a christening - Wigan Bolton Manchester
Prom night with Limo outside hotel Bury
All friends together for a prom night with a photographer to save memories
Sweet 16 birthday party in Wigan for the girls
Birthday party photographer Bolton Wigan Manchester

Corporate Events

Choosing the right photographer for your corporate event is crucial. You need someone who not only has the technical skills to produce high-quality images but also the interpersonal abilities to navigate the dynamic environment of a corporate gathering. My approach blends discreet, candid photography with the ability to capture the formal, structured moments that are pivotal to corporate events.

I understand the unique requirements of corporate photography—whether it’s capturing the key speakers in action, the networking happening in the crowd, or the award ceremonies that highlight the event. My experience in various corporate settings enables me to anticipate and be in the right place at the right time, ensuring no important moment goes undocumented.

Moreover, professional photography in a corporate event sets the tone for your brand image. High-quality, engaging images are invaluable for marketing and communications, reflecting the professionalism and essence of your company. 

Ideal for :

Here are six types of corporate events that commonly require the services of a professional photographer:

  1. Conferences and Trade Shows: 

  2. Corporate Retreats and Team Building Events

  3. Holiday Parties and Gala Events

  4. Product Launches

  5. Award Ceremonies and Recognition Dinners:

Photographer at a corporate seminar Manchester

Sporting Event Photography

Covering both amateur and professional levels, I will capture dynamic action shots at sporting events and team photos.

Fashion Photography Events

Capturing the essence of a fashion show can be challenging. Many photographers miss fleeting moments or fail to encapsulate the ambience.

Imagine investing in a photographer who overlooks the intricate details of your designs or the vibrant atmosphere of your event. These vital elements could go unnoticed without the right skills, undermining your hard work and creative vision.

Steve Lowrey Photography guarantees to deliver more than just photos; I capture the story and spirit of your fashion show. I specialise in seizing every detail with impeccable timing and an artistic touch. Trust me to spotlight your event’s glamour and ensure your fashion narrative is compellingly shared. 

Fashion shows should always be photographed professionally for further promotion and advertising

Live Music Performance Photographer

No music event is too big or too small for a professional photographer.

I have more details and examples of my past work with known artists such as Sean Paul & T’Pau – Amazing Tribute Acts on Theatre tours – down to the local band & vocalist appearing in the local pub or social club.

Click here for my Entertainers Page 

Sean Paul Leeds Arena Music Event photography

Family Events

Hiring a professional photographer like yourself for family events can truly capture the essence and emotion of special moments. Here are 10 family events that would benefit greatly from your expertise:

  1. Weddings – Capturing the couple’s big day, from the ceremony to the reception.
  2. Family Reunions – Large gatherings that may not happen frequently and involve multiple generations.
  3. Milestone Birthdays – Significant birthdays such as the 1st, 18th, 16th, 21st, 50th, or even 100th.
  4. Anniversary Parties – Celebrating key milestones like 25th, 50th, or even 60th anniversaries.
  5. Gender Reveal Parties – Capture the surprise of the reveal as the sex of a baby is made known to all the family.
  6. Graduation Ceremonies – Capturing the achievement and the transition to a new life stage.
  7. Holiday Gatherings – Festivities like Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving, when families come together.
  8. Engagement Parties – The celebration of the promise of marriage.
  9. Baptisms and Christenings – Important religious ceremonies marking a significant rite of passage. Let us not forget the after party too!
  10. Prom Night – Make your VIP look even more special with their own personal photographer capturing the joy and emotion of the prom event.

Each of these events offers unique moments that deserve to be captured with professionalism and artistic flair, ensuring that families have beautiful, lasting memories…

Gender reveal party Bolton

Capturing the surprise at a gender reveal – Priceless!

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