Family Portrait Photography

Tots, teens, families, grandparents, and pets!

Come one, come all. Photographs for all the family of all ages.

newborn photoshoot with siblings

Treasured Memories Captured

You simply cannot beat a professional image taken in a specialist studio to snatch that perfect moment in time of a perfect image for the wall or pride of place in a frame.

Professional Image v Phone Image

Phone images just don’t hack it, there is always something missing or usually, something in the frame that simply should not be there, and they cannot usually be enlarged to any significant size either.

You are worth it, professional photographs do not cost the earth and say so much about you and your family when you look back in years to come.

Special family occasions

Most of my clients like to come to the studio and even make a special day of it by going out for a meal or some other event afterward.

My studio is big enough for most families, it’s clean, tidy, and local to Junction 5 off the M61. Super handy for anywhere in the northwest and not far from Bolton, Wigan, and Manchester.

Free parking at the front of the studio is a big advantage, there is nothing worse than looking for parking spaces, then walking 10 minutes in the rain when you have just prepared yourself for a photoshoot.

I can also be booked to come to you if you have a special place in mind or a family member with a disability that cannot travel to the studio, or you may simply prefer an outside location.

Family Photo Gallery

Children & Animals

It has long been said that you should never work with children and animals but I love it!

It can be challenging, especially when the children and animals are together but life was never meant to be easy.

Children and animals have a special kind of magic, capture that and you will have the best of photos…

There are many styles and I am happy to run through all your ideas with you.

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