Get the best from your Makeover Photoshoot

Once you have booked your Makeover photoshoot it’s time to prepare!
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Atherton Photography Studio have makeover photoshoots for all ages, your never too young or too old

Some people are totally organised and know exactly what they want from the shoot, while other people are less engaged, from the not sure to the ones who have no idea what to do, but booking a makeover photoshoot seemed like a good idea at the time. This article will help.

Preparation is the key to amazing photographs

Firstly, makeover photo shoots are meant to be fun, so the first rule is not to stress. We do, however, want to get the best image of you that’s possible so a little preparation will go a long way and the preparation itself can be fun too!

I have some very talented makeup artists that will work with you for the look you want

A couple of things will help you. Firstly, have an idea of what you want and what you like. To help with this have a look and some images, Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of creativity. You don’t have to pick anything too outrageous that does not reflect your personality, but you can if you want. It’s important too, to take a screenshot of any images you like and send them over to the photographer. We won’t be able to do exact copies or replications as this would be unfair to the original creator, however, we can do something similar or our own version. You may just have a general theme or 3 completely different types of outfits, no problem.

Atherton Photography Studio have makeover photoshoots for all ages

Once you have an idea of the look you want, it’s time to choose your costumes or what you want to wear. You can do this or with a friend, have fun!

Plan your costumes well in advance for your Makeover Photoshoot

We usually recommend 2 or 3 costume changes for the photo session and if you want to bring more and decide what to wear when you are at the studio changing room, that’s fine, maybe we can help. Bring your costumes in a suitcase if you wish, with shoes and any accessories. We have a steamer you can use if creases become a problem. Mix and matching is a good ideas too

It is advisable to have your hair done or nearly done and if you have any wigs, they are prepared to be placed.

Don’t worry if you can’t find any pictures you like or have any direction you want the photoshoot to go, That’s what I am here for and the makeup artist will have ideas for you too. We are here to help.

Atherton Photography Studio have lots of props and chairs

Once you arrive at the studio I will show you around the photo studio and the changing rooms. We can discuss any ideas you have over a coffee and look at your costume and discuss ideas.

Then, while you are having your makeup done, I will prepare the backdrops in the studio to compliment your colours, I will choose complementary lighting and sort out any props that may be required.

Once we start the photoshoot I will walk and talk you through some basic poses until your confidence increases to the point, you will tell me how you want to do it! I have lots of images and books available and I can actually show you some great poses if you prefer this approach rather than verbal directions.

Remember, I want your images to look as stunning as you do. Your image is my reputation!

Atherton Photography Studio have makeover photoshoots for all ages

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