Session Guide & Headshots Price List

Professional Headshot & Portrait Session

Session Guide For Individual Photoshoots

I design my photoshoots around your requirements, no 2 shoots are the same. I only run 2 headshot sessions per day,  in the morning, the afternoon or in the evening, I am totally flexible

This allows you as much time as you need. The sessions are not time-limited and you can relax and take your time. That said, I won’t keep you any longer than needed as I know your time is precious.

Atherton Photo Studio is a private studio. there will be me and you. Occasionally I may have an assistant with me. I would never stop you from bringing one person with you, especially ladies, but the best results are usually obtained when you’re on your own with no distractions. (Under 18’s must have an adult with them.)

The studio is clean and tidy and disinfected between shoots.

Headshot & Portrait Coaching

I will coach you every step.

Because I don’t have 30 min sessions or 60 min sessions, we are not restricted. I will have the time to show you how to get the best images of yourself you have ever had!  How to stand and ‘pose’.

Once I know what you’re going to use your headshots or images for, I will perfect the lighting then discuss the composition and expressions with you.

My aim is quality, not quantity, I don’t cram people through the doors or take hundreds of meaningless photos.

Quality over quantity, every time!

You have never had a headshot before

I don't know how to pose for portraits

I hear this all the time so don’t worry. This is what I do, trust me, we will get there.

It should not surprise you that no one is an expert in having a headshot or portrait taken, we will work together.

Getting you a fabulous portrait headshot is just as important to me as it is to you. We will be looking to obtain that stunning image that captures confidence and approachability. It may happen straight away, it may take time, it does not matter, were not clock watching. I want you to look confident and relaxed and in control, which you are. If you don’t like the look of anything, just say so.

We will still have plenty of time to go through all your costume changes.

I will coach you on everything you will need to know from expressions, angles, hair, best costume colour and style.

Bring your sense of humour!

Having fun is serious business and serious business, can be fun!

I love taking headshots, the interaction, the banter so I hope you relax and enjoy the experience.

Checking as we go.

There will be time for a sneaky peak. All the images are transferred to my laptop as we work through. I will show you a couple of the pictures as we go to help your confidence but we will save the best to the end.

The session doesn't finish until you've selected your favourites.

At the end of the photoshoot its time to sit down and have a coffee. We can then view all the images and pick out your favourite shots.

I can help you if you want or I can keep quiet. It is up to you if you want my input.

Once you have picked and paid for all your favourite images they will be sent for professional editing, retouching and cropping. This process will be explained to you on the day.

Your images will be uploaded to my gallery for you to download. You will be able to download high-resolution Jpegs suitable for posters and low-resolution images suitable for social media. That will save you the trouble of re-sizing and cropping the shots after you receive them.

Headshot Pricing for Individual Photoshoots

Photography Pricing Guide

These fees are guidelines, however, they are accuate at time of posting.

Once we have discussed your requirements I will give you a quote.

I have taken my time here to explain what you get for your money, however, there is a pricing summary at the bottom of this page for quick reference.

Studio Rates - for Individuals

The studio-based headshot session fee starts at £75.00 This Includes:

  • No time limit on your session. We go at your pace, not mine.
  • Unlimited outfit changes
  • My ‘Vital Read’ photoshoot top tip sheet before your session.
  • One on One post-session advice for image selection.
  • No images included in the session fee.

Image Rates

Your final images are chosen individually at the end of the session. This puts you in complete control of the final cost depending on how many images you decide on.
(£30 per image – which includes professional retouching on each image selected)

I don’t want you to pay for more than you need, and every person has different needs, not packaging images together makes sure you’re not over committing or under committing in terms of how many images you require from the session. You can simply decide on the day.

Your headshots are a really important investment in your career development and marketing. Don’t accept less than the very best representation of yourself.

Photo sessions at your home or office / offsite.

My starting rate for out of the studio photoshoots is £150.00. Once I have your shoot requests and ideas I will be able to give you an exact fee.

This applies to solo or multiple persons photoshoots.

Image fees start at £30 each and depending on your requirements this may vary. Once I have your exact requirements I will give you a bespoke fee.

Portrait Pricing for Individual & small group photoshoots

Portrait photography can be rather more involved than headshots and will include props, full-body shots and a constant change of lighting effects and backdrops to stay in tune with your costume changes.

We will discuss your requirements and I will give you a bespoke fee. Fees start at £75.00 per session depending on your requirements and number of people involved.

There is a £25 additional fee per person for groups of 2 to 4.

Pricing for Makeover Photoshoots

There is a session fee of £125.00 which covers your photo studio hire and makeup artist.
We will take lots of images and each digital image is £30.00 You choose as many as you wish, no minimum, no catches, no packages.
This is our standard price and the photoshoot lasts around 2 hours plus one hour in make-up.
I can provide prints, wall art and albums if you want, but only if you want.

Pricing Summary

How much does it cost for a headshot, portrait or makeover photoshoot.?

All fees are based on an individual/solo photoshoot at our studio.

Headshot session £75

Solo Entertainer £75 (duos and bands are plus £25 per person)

Portrait session £75.00

Makeover session £125 (including MUA)

Images £30 each

Please email regarding photoshoots for:

  • More than one individual or group quotes
  • Photoshoots at your environment / place of work
  • Team photoshoots


When you book your session you will be asked for a deposit of £75.00 on booking and the balance 14 days prior to the booking date.

You will be asked to pay for your chosen images on the day of the shoot so its important you bring your payment method with you. Card payments can be taken at the studio.

Please note after the photoshoot, when your images have been chosen the discarded images will be deleted.

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I will also consider any type of photography not listed above. I have photographed buildings, interiors, families and football teams as well as gyms and MMA fighters. After all, variety is the spice of life.

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