How Much Do Actor Headshots Cost?

How much do Actor headshots cost and what can you expect for your money?

My name is Steve Lowrey, I am a specialist headshot photographer based at Atherton Photography Studio on the outskirts of Manchester handy for Bolton, Wigan and Warrington, although my client base extends far beyond those areas.

Choosing a professional actor headshot photographer can be a little bit of a minefield as each individual studio has its own price structure and there are no comparison websites!

Here at Atherton Photography Studio, we provide headshots for actors and many other professional and business people. Therefore we have options on our pricing structure designed to give you, the client the best options for a price that suits you. If you want to jump straight to our pricing page you can click here. I will also put a link further down the post if you wish to read on.

Professional Actor headshots are worth every penny if they are done right

Pricing will often depend on a few factors, photographers with big reputations and big city centre studios will usually be more expensive. Are their photographs any better, that’s for you to decide. It’s also quite common for photography studios in the south of the UK to cost more than their northern colleagues, that’s just the way it is.

My studio is out of the town centres, it’s near the M61 motorway, Junction 5, near a handy V2 bus link from Manchester centre and has 2 railway stations close by. I also have a large free car park which can save you money compared to my city centre counterparts. Why am I telling you this, well, as I am away from the expensive City centres my overheads are cheaper, therefore, I can pass those savings on to my clients, that is you, hopefully?

 Professional Actor headshots are worth every penny if they are done right

So what can you expect for your money?

Well, first of all, you will receive the respect you deserve for choosing my studio. A warm welcome and a warm/cold drink will certainly be on offer too when you arrive.

Once you have paid your deposit, you will receive an email with helpful tips and advice on how to prepare for your photoshoot and you will have the option for a phone or Zoom call to discuss your ideas and requirements. This email will cover some basic ideas on what to wear but any requests or specific ideas you have will obviously take precedence.

Full onsite coaching is given at each headshot session

If this is your first professional headshot photoshoot I will walk you through the basic steps of poise, footwork and facial expressions. I have a routine to follow to cover most actor headshot requirements and I will have some easy-to-follow images in the studio, to show you, should they be required.

Once the photoshoot session is over, I will upload your images to my online gallery and send you a link so you can peruse and choose the images you prefer. This upload is usually done within 24 hours from the end of your session.

It’s easy and it’s quick

Once you have chosen your images I will lightly edit and retouch them and the finished photographs will be made available to you to download from the same gallery. It’s that easy and quick!

It is possible, to turn around your actor headshots within 24 hours in cases of emergency and under extreme circumstances, I have turned some around on the same day, so if you are in a rush, you can always ask.

Not all headshots are the same

At my studio, we cater for many different types of headshots, portraits and brand-building images. You can find more details about all the different types of professions catered for on my website Headshots Manchester and using the hamburger menu, you can click on the pricing page link when you have had a good look around.

Please note we don’t use the term actress headshots as the term actor applies to everyone.

For our quick guide to my pricing packages – click here.

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