How much is a Makeover Photoshoot?

Makeover photoshoot price check. Please view my transparent and open pricing and read on as to why you should not book through a Groupon website or similar discount photography studio offering super low prices!

Makeover photoshoot price check. Please view my transparent and open pricing and read on as to why you should not book through a Groupon website or similar discount photography studio offering super low prices! This article relates to makeovers at my studio

Some companies have made the pricing a bit of a minefield. Unfortunately, some friends of mine have stepped on these mines and it has cost them a lot of money. What do I mean by this? basically the hidden cost of photographs! These are costs that were left out of any conversation until they were ready to buy.

I will put my clear and understandable fees on here further down this post, but right now, let me tell you what to look out for and how not to get stung before you venture any further…

Advertisements offering very cheap discounted photoshoots say from £15 or others with prices a little more but including extra images such as postcards or photographs. It is impossible for these people to be making any profit at those rates. Indeed, companies such as Groupon keep the full deposit and insist the photographer gives away their time and some prints for free! Not only does this give you, the client a very false impression of how much these sessions should cost it gives the photographers on these schemes only one way to make a profit which is to charge expensive fees for the remaining photographs. What happens if you can’t afford the price of the images you want? They offer you credit. I have heard stories of people going for a £15 photoshoot and signing a credit agreement for £1,000 to obtain all the pictures that they wanted.

That would never happen at my studio.

It’s a shame that many members of the public fall into this trap with adverts in the press, glossy leaflets and on the first page of Google due to these companies buying the advertising space.

So what should you be looking for? Can you buy the digital images

Firstly, of course, you will need to like the style of the work of a particular photographer. Following that the price structure should be of interest to you and just as importantly, will you be given digital images or prints? This question should be asked straight away if it’s not clear in the studio’s advert or website.

If the photography studio is offering photographs in print and not digital images, they are likely to be more expensive. They can charge whatever they wish for any photo because they hold the digital image.

On the other hand, if the photographer is selling you a digital image it means you can take the digital image and have any print done as you wish. You can see the advantage now of purchasing digital images.

Of course, most photography studios that sell digital images will still be able to offer you a selection of printed photographic goods and you can rest assured that they won’t be overly expensive.

Why buy prints from the Photography Studio when the high street shops are cheaper?

Speaking for myself, I only use award-winning colour labs that don’t deal with the general public. And if you think that sounds expensive it isn’t much more than the high street but the quality is so much better!

From a photographer’s viewpoint, there is nothing worse than editing a photo image and taking care with the colours only to find a cheap printer with cheap photographic paper produces a second-rate image that just about looks like the image you sent. That’s high-street printing for you.

So how much is a Makeover photo shoot at my studio?

I want the customer to be in control of the pricing so I have broken the process down into 3 points.

  1. The Makeover and the photoshoot fees include 1 free image.
  2. The client can pick which images they want after they have seen them all and then pick the package that suits them. All pricing is displayed prior to booking.
  3. After the purchase of any digitals (where all the editing and re-touching is done), the client has the option to purchase prints and any other items such as mugs, wall art, canvas prints etc.
Infographic How to Book a Photoshoot.

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