How to download images off Pixiset

Once you have chosen and paid for your images you will be given a download PIN code.

When you are ready you need to click the download icon on your own gallery page.

How to download images off Pixiset

The 3 icons above appear on the right of your main page just under the header picture.

The download icon is a downward arrow onto a flat line. The middle icon in the above image.

From here, follow the online instructions.

We advise you to download them to a laptop or PC rather than a phone or iPad.

The images are available in 2 sizes, you should download the web-size images first as you will use these the most. These are resized for you already and are ideal for social media, websites and mobile phones.

You only need to download the print size for 2 reasons. Firstly these high-resolution copies will be required if you need to print hard copies. Secondly, these are the ones you need to store as your main storage copies.

If you are having any problems with your download please email me or contact me via the contact form on any of my webpages or home page.

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