Innovative In the Box Photography by Steve Lowrey

How & where to book an In The Box Session and more questions answered!

Many people have seen the In The Box style of pictures that are a popular way of capturing the soul of a family, children and even pets. However the places that offer this service are few and far between, the equipment is specialised and can be expensive. However at my Atherton Photography Studio, near Wigan, Bolton and Manchester, I can offer this unique style of photoshoot session to you at a reasonable price.

I have 2 different size boxes in use and can cater for most requests which includes adults too.

What is 'In the Box' Photography?

Firstly, it’s fun for all the family and an event within itself. Secondly, it’s a chance to own an impressive keepsake that you can display at work or home and receive all the complements from your family, friends and workmates.

As the name suggests, a few pictures are taken with the chosen subject in a purpose built box. Each picture can be different or similar and a story line can be built or a series of random fun shots. Outfits and props can be changed, interacted with or even crossed from one box to another.

Once the pictures are taken the magic happens in the editing suite and it can take up to 3 hours to produce your finished sparkling composite result.

Gallery of Box Photography Ideas

Pictures below are just a few examples.

Princess & Unicorns Box Photoshoot

Superhero Box Photoshoots

Babys from 6 months

Christmas In the Box

In the Box princess photoshoot Manchester

In the Box Photography Ideas

You can use Box Photography ideas for almost anything formal or creative including costume photoshoots:

  • Family Portraits
  • Superheroes
  • Princess and Knights or Unicorns
  • Harry Potter style
  • Dinosaur Hunter
  • Family inc Adults
  • Pets & Humans
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas 

Frequently Asked Questions About Box Photography

How long does it take for a photoshoot session?

Most sessions the between 60 and 90 minutes, much will depend on your requirements such has the amount of people involved and the number of costume changes.

Do you have the costumes at the studio?

I have a number of children’s superhero costumes and princess dresses at the studio along with some other items and props. You are always advised to bring along anything you have and use my items to supplement yours.

I can only come at weekends or evenings, can you accommodate?

Yes I can. All bookings are strictly by appointment and I work all weekends and any evening as required if pre-booked.

How much is an In The Box Photoshoot?

There are various sizes of Box Grids

There are lots of different sizes of box grids so dont be afraid to ask. They range from a single box to 32 and more and can come in an array of shapes, however, as shown here, the 9 box is currently the most popular.

Are Gift vouchers are available?

Gift vouchers are available for this unique photoshoot idea.

If you are interested in purchasing a photography session as a present. Use the form below.

Who are In The Box pictures for:

Any one can benefit from this unique portrait.

  • Families
  • Children
  • Dogs

Behind the scenes In The Box Photoshoot

In The Box Photography session - Behind the scenes - Atherton Photography Studio
Box photography behind the scenes - how the pictures are shot at Atherton Photography Studio
How its done - behind the scenes at a Box Photography session at Manchester Bolton Wigan

These images, kindly taken by a client on a mobile phone give a little insight into the making of a multiple-box picture before I get to work on the post-production of stitching individual boxes together.

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