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Welcome to Atherton Studio, where we take photos of men more than anyone else. Steve Lowrey, who has been a photographer for years and is in charge of our studio. He is a master at capturing the unique character of each subject he pictures.

We know that taking an image of a man is different from taking a picture of anything else. Because of this, we take great care to make sure that each session is tailored to the person being photographed. This way, we can get beautiful photos that really show who they are and what they like.

We have different types of portrait sessions for guys, such as headshots, modelling portfolios, and boudoirs. Our male boudoir photography sessions are meant to make every man feel confident and in control in front of the camera. This leads to intimate and sensual photos that capture the male form in a way that is both artistic and tasteful.

Our studio has also done gay picture shoots before, and all members of the LGBTQ+ community are welcome. We think that everyone should feel honoured and proud of who they are, and we’re committed to making sure that all of our clients have a safe and welcoming place to be.

When it comes to taking pictures of guys, we know that every man has different needs and tastes. Because of this, we take the time to get to know each subject, making sure that every picture shows their style and personality. Our male model photoshoots are meant to show how versatile and varied the subject is. This creates a portfolio that aspiring models and artists can use.

In addition to taking pictures of guys for portraits, we also do boudoir photography for men. Our male boudoir sessions are meant to catch each subject’s sensuality and openness, resulting in intimate, beautiful photos that celebrate the male form.

At Atherton Studio, we are very proud of our ability to take beautiful portraits of men that show what is special about each one. We believe that every man deserves to feel confident and proud of who they are, and we work hard to make sure that every client feels safe and welcome in a setting where they can be themselves.

So, if you want the best portraits of guys in town, all you have to do is go to Atherton Studio. Contact us today to set up your male portrait photography session and let us catch the essence of who you are.

Mens Photoshoot Gift Vouchers /are available

Are you sick and tired of using the same stale profile photo across all of your social media sites? Do you desire a beautiful or handsome portrait that perfectly captures the essence of your personality? Your greatest angles will be captured by photographer Steve Lowrey at Atherton Photography Studio, where you’ll also feel like a celebrity.

No matter your age or size, a picture photoshoot is a fantastic method to increase your confidence and get lifelong memories. Men of all sizes and shapes should contact Steve Lowrey for a portrait photo session for the following reasons, to name a few:

  1. An opportunity to show off your personality is a portrait photography session.
    Whether you’re a silly, fun-loving guy or a sombre, brooding kind, Steve Lowrey can beautifully express the essence of your character in a painting. You’ll leave the studio with pictures that accurately represent who you are, and you’ll be eager to show them off to everyone.
  2. You can have a fantastic photo shoot even if you’re not a model.  
    Working with individuals of all sizes and shapes is something Steve Lowrey has done for a long time. No of your level of experience, he can help you feel at ease and confident in front of the camera. All you need is a little bit of confidence and an excellent photographer to appear fantastic in your photographs; you don’t need to be a model.
  3. It’s an enjoyable adventure!
    We all need a little fun in our lives, let’s face it. You won’t soon forget the unique and pleasurable experience of having a portrait taken by Steve Lowrey. You’ll be treated like a star and enjoy yourself while mugging for the camera.
  4. You’ll have photographs of high calibre to use for many years.
    You won’t just have a good time at the studio; you’ll also leave with beautiful pictures that you may use forever. Having photos of a professional calibre may make all the difference, whether you’re upgrading your LinkedIn profile or sending headshots to prospective employers.
  5. It’s a wonderful present for both you and another person.
    A portrait photoshoot can be the answer if you’re having trouble thinking of the ideal present for a friend or member of your family. They will treasure this special and considerate present for many years to come

Finally, a portrait photography session with Steve Lowrey at Atherton Photography Studio is a fantastic chance for guys of all ages and sizes to capture their individuality and increase their confidence. Why then wait? Schedule your session right away and get ready to shine!

Male Boudoir Photography


Age is never an issue

Look at an old photo from ten years ago!

Have you ever looked at an old photo, usually on your phone & thought, gosh, didn’t I look better then, younger, slimmer and perhaps fitter.

What have you done to preserve those memories, nothing I bet.

Now is the time to capture the you that is now so you can look back in a few years and say, I looked pretty good back then.

Don’t keep those precious memories hidden on your phone, get yourself a professional portrait session. Give the present you, a present for you!

What can I do for you?

Capturing a great image in the studio with carefully placed lighting with the best portrait lenses money can buy, all captured on high resolution cameras, will give me a great canvas to digitally re-touch and edit.

I am often asked – Can I make you look younger and thinner?

Of course I can, but only if you want me too.

I am often asked - Can you make me look younger and thinner?

Get that portrait image you have always wanted!

You should bring a few outfits to the session for best results.

A portrait to be proud of forever!

No experience is necessary, Will help and advise you every step of the way with simple to follow check lists , a free telephone consultation with me and a photosession at your pace.

Many people don’t like their picture being taken and I have a very patient and calm way of coaching you gently to get you the magic image.

It’s fun and informal and your fears will disappear. Bringing an open mind and your sense of humour will help the session be more fun, relaxing and memorable.

Professional photoshoots for professionals

These shoots are specifically designed for everyone!

For members of the public, family, friends, industry professionals such as business entrepreneurs, actors, models, dancers and entertainers.

Everyone receives the same super high standard of attention to detail whether you’re looking for a headshot or portrait for work or a fun shoot.

You may feel you have no idea what to do, but that’s fine, we will guide you every step.

You may be an aspiring model of a professional or semi-professional nature, that’s excellent, we will produce stunning work for your portfolio, suitable for:

  • Modeling Agency
  • Spotlight, & similar
  • Social Media
  • Your own website
  • Potential employers

I can cater for all styles of fashion portraits, headshots and full-body images in our comfortable professional studio in Atherton.

Portrait photoshoots for teenage men

Professional photoshoots with a makeover are an ideal present or treat for teenagers. Under the guidance of a parent or Grandparent, we will go through a series of costume changes that you have carefully chosen and produce some stunning images that you just cannot capture at home.

Various styles are available and we can discuss these prior to the shoot date.

Tasteful couple photoshoots available

Are your photoshoot makeover packages near me?

We are very accessible by car and train.

The studio has free parking and is situated in North Manchester not too far from Bolton, Warrington and Wigan. Postcode M46 OJN

Just 5 minutes from junction 5 on the M61.

Full directions to our studio can be found by clicking here.

There is a local railway link and I have had many clients from Liverpool, Cumbria, West Yorkshire and Cheshire.

Professional photo shoot Manchester

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