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 I am a Corporate Headshot Photographer covering Business Portraits, Staff Photographs, Company Team Images, LinkedIn Headshots from Atherton Photo Studio in Manchester M46.


Professional portrait photography for business headshots.

For great business portraits of your directors, management or workforce I can provide a fast and efficient service with a quick turn around on digital images. Any business catered for.

Depending on the size of your business, we can provide the photographic service at my studio on on site at your location.

The business headshots are suitable for:

  • Professional Linkedin Photo
  • Brochures
  • Wall Gallery
  • Badges

Corporate Headshot Gallery

I will coach your headshots!

Getting the balance right is the name of the game.

The expression says it all and that’s what I am here to do. To coach you into the perfect headshot.

Confident yet approachable with perfect lighting and the background colour of your choice. Black, white, corporate colours or a faded out office background, it’s your call. I have lots to choose from.

Whether you are the CEO, manager or its a photocall for a staff or team photoshoot, we will work with you to produce the images that you want.

Lets talk! We can have a zoom meeting prior to your shoot or we I can come to you.

The photoshoots can take place at my studio or if possible, your place of work.

Session Fees for Corporate Photoshoots

If your looking for an individual photoshoot at my studio, click here for more information.

When your looking for group shots, from the board of directors or a staff team shoot then please complete the form below for a bespoke price.

We have special day rates which provide for quicker sessions per person but still includes perfect lighting and coaching for your requirements.

There is no minimum requirement for group shots but a daily maximum of 20 to 30 depending on photo style required.

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