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Babys first moments are gone in the blink of an eye.  Capture that very special look in the first 10 days. Plan ahead and we will work flexibly around your dates so there is one less stressful thing to do after baby is born.

swaddled newborn baby boy
Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn & Baby Photography.

My priority is always mother and baby.

The studio is always warm and a big comfortable chair has mums name on it.

We will start with a little chat and a cup of tea or coffee. I then have a number of swaddles and outfits ready once mum has put baby into one of our special vests.

I have a special Newborn baby posing bed and a number of props and wicker baskets that create that awe factor.

I can create memorable picture in many different colours, neutral as well as pinks and blues.

Shots with Mum and Dad are always great to look back on and skin on skin images are popular and timeless. I have picture albums for you to pick ideas from so don’t worry.

The Photo Shoot

I am a father of 4 and I have also attended training courses in Newborn Photography and I am well qualified to photograph your precious bundle while you are here.

Mum is always in charge and we will always break when required for a feed or nappy change.

Getting you the best memorable photographs is my desire and I have lots of practise & patience.

We will always discuss which package is best for you prior to our shoot and when we book your photoshoot, I am very flexible to move it forwards or backwards to accommodate any surprises the little one may spring on us.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the photoshoot?

Much will depend on what type of pictures you want. There are different formats such as Baby only, Baby with parents, Baby with siblings and Baby with Grandparents.  As a general rule between 2 and 3 hours should cover most.

Do I need to bring any outfits?

You certainly don’t need too but if you have something special then bring it along. If you want to do this please let us know beforehand.

Is everything clean?

Its spotless! and Dettol is used on everything.

If you have any further questions, drop me an email or complete the form below with your queries.

Maternity Photography Shoots

We have special offers on for the Baby Bump shoots.

Typically you will receive a gift voucher towards your baby shoot which usually means a 40 minute shoot would cost you £40 – but you will receive a £40 gift voucher against a Newborn Shoot.


Maternity shoots are usually done at my studio but can be done outside in the summer.

It all begins with Mum.

Maternity photoshoots are usually done in the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy.  This is when the bump usually looks best, nice and round. There are many different styles available. Outdoor, studio, couple or mother only. There are also various styles of outfits. Discussing these possibilities and arrangements can be exciting and interesting.


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