Pricing for Christmas Photoshoots from just £xx

You will be amazed at my super low customer-friendly prices.

For a 20-minute photo session at my studio, it’s just £xx00, including 1 image!

The extra pictures are available for just £xx00 each.

All images are downloadable from my website in high and low resolution so you can print them or use them on your social media.

This mini photo session is suitable for one or two children (possibly 3 siblings)  If in doubt or if you have a larger number, please ask by using the form at the bottom of this page. (Longer sessions are available, see below.)

Terms and Conditions

Appointments are times at half-hour intervals and include 20 minutes of studio photography time. (5 minutes in & out time)

If you are late it may not be possible to extend your time, so please be punctual.

If for any reason beyond my control, we cannot take the pictures in the allocated time I cannot extend or assign a new appointment.

If you are more than 30 minutes late your appointment will be forfeit.

A deposit of £25 is payable within 24 hours of booking.

Every Care is Taken - but no guarantees are given.

Every care is taken to cover as many family pictures and special effect pictures as possible but no guarantees are given that each and every pose will or can be covered depending on the actions of the individuals or the unwillingness of some of our younger clients to take part.

In order to keep these costs down it is important that the time slots are stuck to strictly.

Longer session times are available

If you have younger children who may be shy or may need more time to coax into having their picture taken, then you could always book a double session for 1 hour at £50.  with 2 complementary images.

This package is also ideal for family photos for up to 5.

If you have a larger family please contact me before booking by using the contact form below.

Christmas photoshoots for dogs

Good dogs are always welcome at my studio with prior arrangements.

I am more than aware that dogs are part of the family and treasured dog photos will keep retain memories that will be cherished forever.

Any Questions

It’s always best to email me with any questions or queries before you book.
This is a mini photoshoot for small numbers of people and not for groups.

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