Beautiful Princess dresses for PhotoShoots

Princess dresses available for photoshoots

toddler princess photoshoot near Manchester

Princess and Superhero themed photoshoots are by appointment only so please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page to start your enquiry going.

Dress hire is free with our photoshoot

I have a selection of princess dresses and fancy dress outfits ranging from 1 year old to 7 years.

It’s a varied selection but by no means comprehensive.

Below I am showing pictures of the dresses & outfits in age order starting with the youngest first.

You do not have to use our costumes, you are more than welcome to bring your own.

If you have any good quality dresses in very good condition that your little princess no longer fits into or wears anymore, bring them along. You maybe able to trade them in against a photo for trade.

You can bring your own dress - No problem

Princess dresses and outfits - Under 2

Princess dresses and outfits - 2 to 4

Princess dresses and outfits - 5 to 6

Princess dresses and outfits - 6 to 7

Princess photo Gallery

Costumes for the boys

Something for the boys?

Well, it’s not just for the boys, these days girls are superheroes too!

If your Princess has a brother that would like to be part of the photo session that’s fine, however, we are building our stock of male costumes at the moment so you are encouraged to bring your own.

I have a Knight (Prince Charming) aged 5-6 who would make a great companion for a Princess.

I also have small & medium Ninja Turtle outfits.

We also have Batmans and Avengers.

Cosplay photoshoots for all ages

We are more than aware that most superhero-like to bring their own costumes and that’s fine with us!

We will add all the special effects it needs to turn your image into an exciting photo!

We have lots of smoke effects, fire and many more.

Dinosaurs are also welcome if you have your own costumes.

Cosplay photoshoots for adults are also welcome.

Superhero Costumes and Fancy Dress Outfits

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