Professional Portraits for Artistes and Business

Whats the difference between a headshot and a portrait photograph?

A headshot is all about the head and shoulders whereas a portrait is from head to toe.

On a  headshot, I try to remove distractions from the photograph but on a portrait image we can add many things to enhance the photo from props to lighting changes.

Portraits can be environmental, (at your place of work) or place of choice as well as my studio.


Business Portrait Photography

There are many types of businesses. From a CEO in a suit in an office to a singer or blacksmith or a gym instructor.

Sometimes a headshot may not be enough to tell your story if your looking for background images for a website.

You can book a professional portrait session or enviromental photoshoot and I can capture you in the enviroment that refects your story to your clients.

Portrait photoshoots can also take place in my studio that is kitted out for the job if your needing full or three quarter images.

I will also take editorial style images if your looking to print your photos in a brochure or magazine and need more of a border than a tightly cropped image.

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