The Chairs & Props Atherton Photography Studio

Atherton Photography Studio has a beautiful and iconic Throne Chair in silver.

Atherton Photography Studio boasts lots of different types of chairs and other features that can seem rather boring and meaningless but that could not be further from the truth. Chairs are props and good props are priceless. Here I will explain some of our chairs, props and our handmade built-in Flower Wall.

Throne Chair – Iconic style, custom-made in Silver Grey.

The silver grey throne chair isn’t just a prop; it’s a statement piece. Its elegance elevates every photo, giving a regal touch that’s both timeless and modern and makes everyone who sits in it feel like royalty! It’s perfect for awesome photos because it adds a touch of magic and elegance. This chair isn’t just a seat, it’s a star that makes every photo special, a portal to a world of sophistication, making each client’s experience and photo truly extraordinary

The classic red Chesterfield chair is more than just seating. Its bold colour and vintage design bring a mix of luxury and comfort to every photo. Ideal for adding warmth and depth, this chair turns simple portraits into captivating scenes, making each photo session uniquely memorable. When people sit on it, they look and feel like stars! It makes the photos pop with style. It’s not just a chair, it’s a fun, fancy prop for awesome photos!

Photographers White Box

These images are intentionally dark and must be enlarged so you can feel the full vibe of the art.

A white box in photography serves as an incredibly versatile prop. It’s suitable for all kinds of photo sessions and truly shines in fashion and lingerie shoots, as demonstrated in the images above. This simple yet impactful prop can transform any photo into a work of art, lending a clean and modern edge to the composition.

Chaise Longue – Unique in style with sexy overtones.

The Chaise Longue stands out as a prop with its unique style and sexy flair. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication, it’s more than just a piece of furniture. Its distinct design enhances the beauty and attitude in each shot, making every photo session feel exclusive and chic.

The Classic 2 seater couch – in Beige

In my studio, the 2-seater beige couch is a timeless treasure. Its classic design and neutral color make it incredibly versatile, blending seamlessly with various themes and styles. It’s not just a couch; it’s a canvas that adds a touch of elegance and warmth to every photo, creating cozy, intimate, and beautiful moments

Atherton Photography Studio – The Flower Wall

Atherton Photography Studios’ Flower Wall – an excellent prop which was hand made for me by a floristry university student. I have to admit I don’t use this often enough. It is beautiful and all the ladies love it and comment on it so its time for me to build it into my photo shooting schedule.

Wooden Crates – Moody – Vintage & Raw.

I just love wooden crates in photography. It’s a piece of rustic charm. Its simple, natural look brings a unique and earthy vibe to photos, serving both as a seat and a creative element. This crate adds a touch of authenticity and simplicity, making each photo feel grounded and real.

White Chairs & Stools

Chairs and stools don’t have to be white, I have other colours too but neutral white is a particular favourite of mine. Chairs are there to be used, they don’t have to be sat on, they can be leaned on and stood on too. The simplicity of these photos with a simple stool or chair takes nothing away from the subject and makes it all about the model.

Other Chairs & Stools

From white furry stools, pink boxes and novelty hobby horses I have many other types of seating to add interest to photographs. I have boxes of hats, sunglasses and many other little add-ons including lots of artificial flowers.

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