Top Tips to get the best from your Christmas Photoshoot

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So how do you get the best results from a Christmas photoshoot?

If you remember the 5 P rule from school or any business course (I’m sure there is a 6 P rule too) it’s quite simple.

Christmas photoshoots at Atherton Photography Studio usually start around November

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

  1. The first step is to choose an appointment that suits you. No rushing in or out, keep everything as relaxed as possible on the way to the studio, especially with small children.
  2. The second and possibly the most important point is to choose the best clothes for the occasion. It sounds too simple, doesn’t it? This is a Christmas photo shoot, nice clothes are second best on this occasion. Make the occasion special with a Christmas jumper or pyjamas! You could even keep on winter coats and wellingtons to keep it real! OK, the studio will be warm but this is a photo shoot and you are in charge of costumes.
  3. Does that mean you have to wear Xmas clothes? No, of course not, many families have jeans and T-shirts, but for the best results, you now know what to do.
  4. Teamwork is key. Your photographer wants to produce the best images possible for you. He will be happy to work with you. So if you have any special requests or preferences, please let them know well before the photo shoot. If you have seen a particular backdrop or have a specific idea, share the idea as soon as possible. Turning up on the day and sharing your idea may lead to disappointment. If I choose a certain backdrop for the day and you want another, first of all, I have to find it (not always easy) then I have to swap them over and usually, the creases will need steaming out. This may take 30 mins or so and if your mini-session is only for 20 minutes, well, there lies the problem.
  5. If you have more than one child, bring something to keep them occupied when they are not being photographed. If you’re looking for group and individual pictures, have something for the ones not being photographed to look at or do. A photography studio is not a playground, it may look like one as there are many props and playful things around but they are for posing with and need to be and look in pristine condition at all times, Children running around the building is never a good thing either.
  6. If your photoshoot is just for the kids! If you have a young child or maybe two, please remember this is all new to them. They will feel strange being plonked down in front of flashing lights and strange backdrops with a camera clicking away in front of their face. They will, always, look for reassurance from a parent, usually mum. They will focus on the words from that parent, they will look at that parent (not the camera) So, we’re back to teamwork. Firstly, photoshoots are not a spectator sport. Sure we know grandparents and siblings love the children/child but a photographer’s focus is getting you, the person paying for this, the best possible image. This cannot be achieved with more than one voice trying to help and everyone calling the child’s name. I nominate Mum to help the photographer and everyone else to please stay quiet or wait outside. It’s not rude of me, it’s a process.
  7. Punctuality is very important. It’s very important that you are not late for your appointment but it is equally important that you are not too early either. Most mini-sessions are run by one person (the photographer) to keep the costs down for you. It may not be possible to come and greet you if you are early nor is it always possible to extend your time slot if you are late due to following appointments. Your understanding is most appreciated.
  8. On my website, I separate the 2 different styles of pictures, which are fixed backdrop and digital images. It’s important that the parents at least understand the principle of digital backgrounds. For example, the feature image of this blog post is a digital image. The father Christmas and the other effects are added by the skilled photographer after the photoshoot in post-production. The child is shot against a neutral background and in this case, was laughing at dad pulling funny faces. It’s the same with some of the other amazing photographs, you may be surprised to learn we don’t put children in real jam jars, have an igloo in the studio, have no Father Christmas present and neither do we have a real Reindeer, sorry.
  9. Most of my photoshoots are fun, I will go out of the way to make them as enjoyable as possible, but please don’t get young children over-excited before they come. To a child, it’s a strange place and I will make it as quick, pain-free and as fun as possible with the possibility of chocolate at the end unless I have eaten them all. 🙂
  10. Last but not least, yes it is possible to bring a change of clothes as long as you are organised and it’s a swift change. I also encourage bringing baby wipes for small children too.
Christmas photoshoots usually start around November for Leigh, Wigan, Bolton and Worsley

Most of these tips will apply to any Christmas or family/children’s photoshoots at most photographers’ studios. The main thing to remember is to work with the photographer if you have any ideas or requests, let them know in good time, and, if your idea is something you have seen, send a screenshot, after all, a picture paints a thousand words.

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