What is a mood board In Photography

What do we mean when a photographer asks for a mood board and how do you create one?

A mood board is a helpful tool

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Photography moodboard

There are various types of mood boards in creative industries. I wrtie this short article to cut through the variations to explain what we mean and what we need down at our studio when you are on a photoshoot at our Atherton Photo Studio.

Although the creative purists may cringe at this brief description, to a headshot and portrait photographerits not necessary to set a mood or tell a story.

Jargon aside and simply put, its a nice way to ask for a collection of photos or images and / or a text explaination to show the type of photographs you are looking for.

There are many ways to put a mood board together, the easiest is simply to look through Google images, Pinterest and Instagram then screenshot images you like as you go along.

Look through the topics you are secifically are specifically interested in and for some dirivitives. Search for terms such as:

  • Actors Headshot agency images
  • Makeover portraits for the over 40s
  • Female vocalist in a dress
  • Male business headshot in a suit


You can then forward the images by email with some covering text outlining your ideas, thoughts or requests.

If your a little more technical you can create a pin on Pinterest, or create a folder in dropbox (or similar) and share the link.

Why do I need a mood board?

What do I need a mood board for?

You don’t actually ‘need’ one but they certainly help. You will have looked at other imageson this site or other sites and seen something you like.

Every picture piants a thousand words so its easier than explainingso go and collect some images right now. Whether its headshots, portraits or a makeover photoshoot, giving your photographer a clear idea of what your looking for will certainly help you get the photography you want.

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