What to Wear on a Makeover Photoshoot

Here are some great ideas for my makeover portrait photoshoots

I have made this list of the many things you may want to consider wearing to your photoshoot with a makeover at Atherton Photography Studio,

My studio is ideally placed for travel from Manchester, Bolton, Wigan and Warrington.

What to wear is always your choice and it’s your photo session, you set the tone and anything goes, within reason.

Costume ideas for a photoshoot

If you’re looking or thinking of something that is not on this list then don’t worry, these are just suggestions in case you have any brain fog, you are welcome to go ahead with your own thoughts:

Posh Frocks and Dressed to Kill

Dig deep and search the wardrobes or let your fingers do the walking and start that internet shopping. Better still, you now have an excuse to have a day in retail therapy.


Let’s have a Party!

Pull out the party dress, all that glitters is not gold but I will make you shine!

Relive your Wedding Day!

If you’re recently married and didn’t get the images you wanted or you just want some more, now is the ideal time to slip that beloved dress back on.

beautiful bride wedding photography north west

Casual day-to-day wear

Style out your photoshoot in jeans and a T-shirt or something casual to add contrast to your selections

Makeover Photoshoot Manchester

The Vintage Look

Ever fancied going back in time to see what you may have looked like and get a professional photograph that can be edited in that style too if you want?

1920s makeover photoshoot

The Bond Girl Look

Get those formal dresses out as you would if you were escorting Mr Bond himself in his tuxedo, maybe you want to bring him with you, that’s fine too. Smart with mystique.

Makeover Photoshoot Blackpool

Couples Photoshoot

As it says on the tin, a great opportunity for you and your partner to relax and get some great photos together.

wedding photography Bolton Wigan

Love the job you’re in, or pretend…

Or the job you want to be in, have a pose in the uniform of your real job or maybe a fantasy job.

It’s Pyjama Rama Time

Pyjamas, onesies and designer loungewear are very popular these days, Chill-lax in your Jim Jams

Makeover Photoshoot Wigan

High Fashion photoshoots

Be a fashion supermodel for the afternoon with your trendy gear in front of the lights and a willing camera.

Makeover Photoshoot Bolton


This is open to a million ideas from the gym to the courts or pitch, what do you like to do? Bring a makeup artist into the equation and you can have a memorable makeover photoshoot

Cosplay photoshoots for adults

It’s dressing up time and I have an Instagram full of Cosplay images from shoots I have done. If you are a real-time cosplayer or just fancy a little fun, I have some incredible digital backdrops to add to the fun.


I don’t have a pool but this is a great way to show off your curves to impress someone!

Boudoir & Lingerie studio photo shoots

Boudoir and lingerie photoshoots are available in the studio and 100% discretion is assured. Something for your partner maybe? This could be one of your costume changes.

Other makeovers with photoshoot ideas for themes and clothing.

Fine Art style

Add a super classy finish to your makeover photoshoot shot in the fine art style


We have some hats, sunglasses and beads but you are better off bringing your own in coordinating colours.

Couples photoshoots synchronised outfits

Have a photoshoot with your friend in the same, similar or coordinated clothes, friends forever.

I have hundreds of more ideas on my other website, click here for the portrait photographs

Or click here for the main makeover portrait page on this website

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