Wigan – Best Places for Beautiful Wedding Photos

Wigan, a town in Greater Manchester, England, offers several picturesque locations are suitable for beautiful wedding photos. Here are some suggestions:

The above image was taken at Mesnes Park Wigan in July 2023 by Steve Lowrey Wedding Photography.

  1. Haigh Hall and Country Park: This historic hall surrounded by scenic parkland and gardens provides a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. The lake, woodlands, and manicured lawns offer a variety of settings for capturing memorable moments.
  2. Wigan Pier: While historically known for its industrial heritage, the Wigan Pier area has been transformed into a cultural and leisure destination. The revamped waterfront and bridges can add an urban yet picturesque touch to your wedding pictures.
  3. Mesnes Park: A charming Victorian park with lush gardens, ornamental features, and a picturesque lake, Mesnes Park provides a tranquil and romantic setting for capturing timeless moments.
  4. The Wiend: This pedestrianized street in Wigan’s town centre features a mix of historical and modern architecture. Its cobbled streets, quaint shops, and unique buildings can create a distinctive atmosphere for wedding photos.
  5. Trencherfield Mill and Heritage Centre: This industrial heritage site offers a blend of history and unique photo opportunities. The mill’s impressive architecture, machinery, and surrounding areas can add an industrial chic vibe to your wedding photos.
  6. Dean Wood Golf Club: If you’re looking for a more green and open backdrop, the golf club’s well-maintained course and scenic views can provide a serene setting for capturing your special moments.
  7. Worthington Lakes: Although slightly outside Wigan, Worthington Lakes is worth considering for its picturesque lakes, woodlands, and walking trails, creating a natural and serene environment for your wedding photos.
  8. Local Churches and Chapels: Wigan has a number of charming churches and chapels with beautiful architectural details that can add a touch of tradition and elegance to your wedding photos.
  9. Local Canals: Wigan is known for its canal network. The tranquil canalsides, charming bridges, and reflections in the water can provide unique and romantic settings for your wedding pictures.

Remember to visit these locations in advance to ensure they meet your vision for wedding photos and to potentially coordinate with any necessary permits or permissions. Always consider the weather, lighting, and time of day to capture the most magical shots.

This information is brought to you by Steve Lowrey Wedding Photography, your local wedding photographer.

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